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Frequently Asked Questions

No You do not need to create an account to order. 

We use PayPal and Square which allow you to use Debit, Visa and Master Card

Alternatively if you need to pay offline you can send an etransfer to 

We offer flat shipping for most items. If they fit the standard box from Canada Post. 

We also have shipping with Fed Ex 

if you need specific details please do not hesitate to contact us.

Orders are usually started within 3 days of recieving the order. Depending on the difficulty of the project 1-4 days for completion, Design-Print/Press 

We are in touch with you throughout the process as this is your Unique Item and I am just helping you bring it to completion. 

*If a proof is attached, please remember to proofread very carefully. Once approved, Uniquely Ys will NOT be responsible for any spelling errors, omissions or any part of the design itself. There are no exceptions to this rule so please check the complete design very carefully prior to approval.

Custom orders are prepaid and refundable up till Design Proof is agreed upon. After no refund only exchange if problem with quality of product, not design.

As for small imperfections in the workmanship, I have noted that there will be imperfections and that I will not be producing 100% perfect products. These products are made by me and not mass produced and because of the nature of them you may see something that isn't quite right. I am purposely leaving in a small imperfection to bring attention to Mental Health and how damaging perfection is. 

I appreciate your support and if it has passed the Proof I will not change it after that point. So if you need something changed please let me know during the proofing. 

Uniquely Ys Unique Imperfections As someone who has mental health issues Yvette strives to accept her imperfects.

While encouraging others in her daily efforts Each piece is Uniquely Imperect in some way.  

By allowing these imperfections she can then focus on the customer and completing a Unique Item and move on. Instead of being stopped by anxiety and never completing a job. 

Yvette has a talent as we all do and this is how she can grow and help others at the same time. 

Thank you for asking.

Frequently Asked Questions