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T-Shirt Create-Your-Own - Adult

T-Shirt Create-Your-Own - Adult
T-Shirt Create-Your-Own - Adult
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  • Model: 008 T-Shirt Create-Your-Own - Adult

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T-SHIRT  (Adult Size)

1. Make it Truly Unique:
- Customize the product or artwork to your preferences.

2. Choose Color and Size:
- Select a color that suits your preference.
- Determine the desired size for the customization.

3. Customize with Image and/or Text:
- Upload an image in a compatible format (such as JPEG or PNG).
- Add text with considerations for font, size, and placement.

4. Font Color and Additional Instructions:
- Choose a font color that complements the design or enhances readability.
- Provide any additional instructions or specifications for customization.

5. Contact for Assistance:
- If the available options don't meet your needs, reach out for help and guidance.


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